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E-commerce solutions require excellent user experience and expert technical solutions. At ITE, we use the best open source solutions and web-based platforms to build sites that look great and convert well, we can build a high-quality, easy to use and manage fully functional online store for you. 

Your online clients deserve an engaging shopping experience

When it comes the time to chose a e-commerce solution for an online store project, a bit of research will put you in front of a large ecosystem of potential solutions, none is the best ever of course, each has advantages and drawbacks. Our team is here to support you and define with you the most suitable solutions. Many things have to be taken in consideration, the type of online store, if a custom design is needed or any template will fit, but in the end there are always 2 factors to state, your budget and your expectations.

No Proprietary e-commerce platform

Online store builder platforms like Shopify, Wix or Squarespace just do not fit our goal to build websites with unique designs and personality, as well as optimized for the exact needs of our clients.We prefer not to offer to use ready-made hosted solutions as it’s not the purpose of our agency. These solutions are fine if it’s your first website, if you just want to try out your concept or if you have a limited budget though. They all run with a monthly payment business model (which means you don’t own the website), they offer you to choose between predefined themes (so your website would be ordinary and looking like many others).

Avoiding ready-made hosted solutions.

These ready-made solutions are not as easy as they announce, they require a lot of investment in time to learn how to use their platform. Customizing the store design is always tricky, importing the products also and you will have to do that work yourself. The end result might well be looking OK and work out efficiently for your business but it will be a standardized website, fitting in the frames they provide, you can’t expect out of the ordinary features, and it will look like hundreds of other stores. Moreover the downside of these websites are that they are less easy to optimize for search engine and to market

Tailored made solutions

we tailored to your exact needs and on which you will have a full control. With our experience of e-commerce to help you define and grow your brand, a custom web design to make your store stand out and let you do exactly what you want with it, and some personalized SEO and marketing, your brand has more chances to establish itself as a reference on the market and generate a revenue quickly.

Best fitting tech for each online store

Among the different technical options to build an online store, we recommend creating a custom web app for your shop, we often offer to build it with a PHP framework. All these solutions are based on the PHP programming language, which is trustworthy and runs the majority of websites today.

As example of custom online stores we worked on:

a B2B online store where clients search for products (scrap catalytic converters) that they wish to sell and not to buy, so the eCommerce experience is reversed, an B2C pet food products online store with a specific alternative subscription based model where you get a discount as a client if you subscribe to get delivered the same cart regularly, another B2B eCommerce platform where the promotions and sales concept were so unique that only a custom solution would work

Key points to build online stores that convert well

Great UX/UI: 

The user experience and design of any internet business website should be pleasing, informative, and on focus. Websites used to be crowded with content and choices, yet studies have proven a simple design with clear call to actions just works better. Proper icons and illustrations also ought to be used to give a clear idea of what’s on offer.


The best online store should have a coherent sitemap. Basically, they should not only just present products but also inform the visitors with substantive knowledge about what is on sale and all subjects related. Content is key to effective SEO. We feel it is especially needed to focus on different categories and include different types of content to give potential buyers a capacity to discover anything they desire to purchase effectively. For example, creating specific pages for each category, producer, product origin, and fabrication methods can reveal useful information.

Clear Navigation:

Surfing the website ought to be simple; content can be easily findable or searchable on the menu. Thus, a mega menu is sometimes a good solution when a store has a complex category tree.

Best Performance: 

An astounding online business website must involve a high-performance web server and a decent speed. That’s the job of our programmers to keep the code light and optimize the size of images. We recommend trusting us with the hosting, a managed hosting on cloud servers optimized specially for E-commerce.

Available Shopping Cart:

Shopping on your website should be easy and accessible for all. Actually, it is considered one of the most critical things for an E-commerce business to make sure the customers never get stuck, and they should be able to make an order and conveniently buy things in just a few clicks.

Social medias integration:

Social media is often a major source to attract new clients. This is not only in cases for most B2C shops but also in some cases for B2B. Connecting your website with all your social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram could bring you a large number of customers.

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