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Digital marketing strategy and execution

We help you set up high quality and effective marketing strategies. Starting from evaluating and finding the right targeted customers and analyzing the results.We provide you with the cutting-edge digital marketing services, including strategy and execution. Whether your website is slow, or you are concerned about Content Marketing, SEO, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, or Google Trends, we are here to guide you through via the full service of Digital Marketing Campaigns.We design strategic Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns on Google AdWords to direct quality visitors to your website and to drive conversions at the most profitable cost. To obtain these results, we spare no effort in designing campaigns with an appealing message that will resonate with the target audiences that matter to you.We begin with an initial research and analysis phase where we study your competitors and learn what makes your business tick. Only then do we develop a sophisticated keyword and bidding strategy, create compelling ads, and run your Google AdWords campaigns.

PPC Campaign Planning

We engage in in-depth keyword research, grouping them into lists and relevant ad groups in order to target your audiences. We also identify negative keywords and phrases to guarantee that Google doesn’t serve your ads to irrelevant audiences. We then set up your campaign’s bidding strategy and bring you the best ROI possible by managing your budget as if it were our own money.

Ad Creative & Conversion Setup

Depending on your marketing goals, different campaign types can be used, whether that’s Google Search, Display, Video, or remarketing. Our skilled copywriters will craft bespoke ad copy to ensure that the right message is delivered to match your audience search intent. Our creative team will be on hand to develop rich media visuals for your display campaigns and to create dedicated website landing pages from your ads, driving optimum conversion results.

Campaign Management & Optimization

Once your campaigns are launched, we monitor them closely and optimize them continually. The first weeks are dedicated to website traffic analysis, A/B testing, and fine-tuning campaign settings to ensure the best performance at the lowest cost per action possible. We stalk every campaign’s performance throughout its duration to provide you with transparent results and regular reports.


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a necessary consideration when it comes to growing the organic traffic to your website, and ensuring local or global search visibility. As part of our SEO and Online Marketing services, we can optimize your website for search engines as well as implement digital campaigns. We usually offer this server in priority to our web design and development services customers. It’s in most of the cases complicated to take over an existing website, for various reasons but the most obvious one is that if it’s often the only way to enhance a website’s ranking to start over with a better coded website. What we can offer include : Complete audit of your site and the competition, Analytic reports, Online Marketing, Define your value-added keywords,Implementation of a test on 5 keywords during 1 month,Creating SEO content needed, Natural SEO optimization and Monitoring.

Keyword Research

Our team learns the ins and outs of your business, identifies your website’s strengths and weaknesses, and uses this knowledge to determine the keywords and phrases that are most valuable for your brand and industry.

Digital marketing strategy and execution Package

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